Compile error on k5-int.h with g++

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at MIT.EDU
Sat May 29 18:37:28 EDT 2004

in the 1.3 branch krb5_donot_replay is declared in krb5.h but it is only 
included if
#define KRB5_PRIVATE is specified prior to its inclusion.  If you are 
k5-int.h you are using private interfaces and should #define KRB5_PRIVATE.

Jeffrey Altman

Jay Camp wrote:

>Compiler:  g++ (GCC) 3.3.2 20031218 (Gentoo Linux 3.3.2-r5,
>mit-krb5:  1.3.3
>I'm trying to develop a frontend for kadmin, so I'm just using kadmin.c
>as a reference and using all the header files it does.
>However, g++ seems to have a problem with a file in krb5:
>In file included from
>../lib/krb5/src/include/k5-int.h:1816: error: type specifier omitted for
>   parameter `krb5_donot_replay'
>../lib/krb5/src/include/k5-int.h:1816: error: parse error before `*'
>Any thoughts?  I was hoping you guys would have a better idea than I
>Much appreciated,
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