Ken Raeburn raeburn at MIT.EDU
Fri May 7 18:20:46 EDT 2004

(Sorry for the delays.  For spam filtering reasons, mail from 
non-members to the krbdev list is held for moderation, and I don't get 
around to moderating every day.)

On May 4, 2004, at 05:20, plumber wrote:

> Hello,
> i try to port Kerberos for pure Darwin Unix style
> but the build failed for the client with an unknown error

I do builds on Darwin fairly often, though I must admit, not from the 
1.3 release branch any time lately.  What was the error?

> Kerberos is a big application and  i don't know the reason
> of this error and i would like not to force the comp
> because it's a security level app
> there is some people who could help me ?

Yes, this is the list for it, or kerberos at mit...


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