Credential cache searching, ccapi and file caches

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Thu Jul 15 15:46:12 EDT 2004

>>>>> "Matt" == Matt Crawford <crawdad at> writes:

    Matt> Another side-comment / wish
    Matt> On Jul 14, 2004, at 16:29, Sam Hartman wrote:

    >> In the default case we're shooting for we won't know what named
    >> credential to use until we know what the target name is.

    Matt> On the other end of the wire, I sure wish GSS-based
    Matt> applications would not lock themselves down to a particular
    Matt> service name before they examine the name the client calls
    Matt> them by! We have people who insist on multihoming their
    Matt> hosts with a different name for each interface ...

Have you looked at the completely undocumented support for
GSS_C_NO_NAME on the acceptor side introduced into MIt Kerberos 1.3?
If you pass in no name or no credential, gss-accept_sec_context will
work with any key in the keytab.  It is recommended that you check the
name that the client used and make sure it is acceptable.

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