Linux device number bug report

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at
Thu Jan 15 02:18:28 EST 2004

The appropriate location to discuss this is on krbdev at
krbcore at is for private communication with the core development
team and kerberos at is for discussion of end user issues.

The current release of Krb5 is 1.3.1 with 1.3.2 currently in beta. As it
turns out there have been no changes to the pty code in many years.

Can you describe how the pty code should be changed to adhere to the
device number extensions?

Can you provide details on how we should test for the existence of the
device number extensions when building Kerberos on a given platform?

Jeffrey Altman

Liang jianhua wrote:

> Hello,
> I have some questions about device number extension.
> In Linux kernel 2.6, device number will be extended from 16-bit to
> 32-bit. All utilities and libraries should make corresponding
> extension for this new feature in kernel 2.6.
> As the format of extended device number is as following: mmmm mmmm
> mmmm MMMM MMMM MMMM mmmm mmmm, that "major" should be 12-bit, and
> "minor" should be 20-bit. "M" means major device number. "m" means
> minor device number.
> But I find that ¡°krb5-1.2.7¡± uses structure dev_t and operates the
> minor device number as 8-bit.
> In file krb5-1.2.7/src/util/pty/getpty.c: 109
> ptynum = (int)(stb.st_rdev&0xFF)
> So it seems not to correspond to device number extension.
> Since I didn¡¯t find any information about this aspect in homepage of
> this package, I wonder whether the latest version has completed the
> device number extension? If not, will it be completed in the future?
> And when?
> Looking forward to answering.
> Liang Jianhua
> regards
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