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Wed Jan 14 18:17:44 EST 2004


Is there a problem beyond that due to locking?  If I were to replicate a
large amount of users, would the db be locked that whole time?  Would this
lock out the kdc?

Thanks for the help.


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>     Wachdorf,> I know that the define KRBCONF_KDC_MODIFIES_KDB can be
>     Wachdorf,> used to blacklist users by writing to the kdb every
>     Wachdorf,> time a user enters an incorrect password.  The comments
>     Wachdorf,> in the code indicate that this cannot be used with
>     Wachdorf,> replication.  Why is that the case?
> Well, our KDC will not replicate the information very effectively so
> you get more tries than you strictly should.

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