configuring kerberos for linux

Prabodh Achyutha M prabodhachyutha at
Fri Feb 20 14:42:09 EST 2004


1.I have downloaded MIT kerberos krb5-1.3.1 for linux, and extracted the
and kept in "/usr" and accordingly.

2.My system is independent one, i.e not in any network.
my system name is "mysysname", and i have configured krb5.con and
kdc.conf files
replacing "" and "EXAMPLE.COM" to "mysysname".

3.created Database using kdb5_util,
  added administrators to ACL file,
  added administrators to kerberos database using kadmin.local

4.started krb5kdc and kadmind. these are running perfectly. i.e krb5kdc
listening on, ports.


my aim is to test and get a sample ticket from kdc?.


The problem is, while i am running kinit,kadmind these are giving  error
resolve network address for kdc in requested realm while getting initial

I have gone through mit kerberos installation doc, but I don't understand
domain and realm name for an independent system like mine.

Can anybody clarify me how to rectify above problem and get tickets from
send the right krb5.conf,kdc.conf files)

Thanks in Advance.

Prabodh Achyutha

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