KfW 2.6-beta-5 experiences

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at columbia.edu
Thu Feb 12 15:33:00 EST 2004

Douglas E. Engert wrote:

>But I don't think so. But I did see requests of the _udp and _tcp records. 
>and I believe it requested them more then once. 
I would be interested in seeing the trace.  We switched
from using TCP to UDP for DNS lookups in Beta 4.

>What bothered me more was that while it was trying to get the ticket, 
>I could not do anything else on the machine. 
We do not clear the dialog while the process is taking
place.  However, the owner of the dialog is the Desktop
when the Leash window is not displayed.  That could be
the cause.

Does it matter if the Leash window is displayed or not?

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