KfW 2.6-beta-5 experiences

Douglas E. Engert deengert at anl.gov
Thu Feb 12 15:10:25 EST 2004

I have been running the last few betas, 3,4 and now 5.

If I logged in to my W2K laptop using a local account at home 
over wireless to a NAT box. I then start leash32 and brought 
up the Initialize Ticket window, entered the user and password 
and hit enter It would in effect freeze the machine about 10 
seconds and  not let me do anything else!

I could not even click on the Windows Task Bar to start the
Task Manager. If I moved the mouse, the cursor would move but 
not show up on the Initialize Ticket window, or the Windows Task Bar!

So I tried to run a network trace, and the trace was not
being updated on the screen either, but did collect a lot of packets. 

The network trace showed a lot of DNS activity mostly for of the 
SRV records. None of this DNS activity appears to be cached. This
may be a big performance problem, as it might take 10 DNS requests
to get each ticket! I also saw it was testing the KDC
with the kerberos-kdc-probe request. This also required its own set of DNS
queries, and slowed it down even more then before.   

(Sorry I did not save the trace, but I could reproduce it if
anyone is interested.)   
I believe locking problem this may have been there in all the 
betas but not noticeable if you have a fast network. 


 Douglas E. Engert  <DEEngert at anl.gov>
 Argonne National Laboratory
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