krb5_db_entry: e_length & e_data

Darren Reed (OSE) darrenr at
Tue Feb 10 01:14:07 EST 2004

In the kdb5_db_entry structure, there appears to be provision for
storing "extra data" of an arbitrary size with each principal.

Doing a quick search of krb5 source (1.2.2 was handy), the only
use these fields seem to be used is either dumping out the principal
in total and in marshalling (XDR) for the Kerberos RPC calls.

Should it be assumed that it is therefore safe for "private" use
of these fields and that just modifying e_data/e_length on your
favourite krb5_db_entry is the way to go ?

Are there any plans to change these fields, including deprecating them?


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