Kerberos Feature Request

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Tue Feb 10 15:23:17 EST 2004

>>>>> "Henry" == Henry B Hotz <hotz at> writes:

    Henry> I'm not sure if we're on the same wavelength or not.  Let
    Henry> me try again: I think there should be a standard way to
    Henry> fill in PAC data from outside the KDC.  Yes the obvious
    Henry> application is replacing a windows domain controller, but
    Henry> that's not the point because that's not what I'm asking
    Henry> for.  How can anyone make use of the PAC data option to the
    Henry> standard if there's no way to get useful data into the
    Henry> field?
PAC is a windows concept.  The authorization data field is in the
standard and includes the PAC.

    Henry> Are you saying that there is a plugin interface that does
    Henry> this, or just that that's your preferred solution?
    Henry> Is/would that plugin interface be supported by any non-MIT
    Henry> KDCs?

That's my preferred solution.  I would not mind non-MIT KDC vendors
being involved in the design process for such an interface, although
I'm concerned some of the internal datatypes you'd need would be MIT

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