MIT Kerberos for Windows 2.6 Beta 4 is available

Marshall Vale mjv at MIT.EDU
Thu Feb 5 16:46:58 EST 2004

The MIT Kerberos for Windows 2.6 Beta 4 release is now available.  You
may download its installer from the MIT Kerberos distribution page,

Separate zip files of the binaries, SDK, and extras are also
available.  The main MIT Kerberos web page is

Changes between Beta 3 and Beta 4:

* WSHELP32.DLL modified to use UDP instead of TCP
* WSHELP32.DLL modified to use the Windows versions of 
gethostbyname() and gethostbyaddr() instead of its built in 
functionality on Windows 2000 and above.
* The GSS Sample Client has a new field to specify the credentials 
cache to use for the client principal
* The GSS Sample Client operation of the slider controls has been 
visually improved

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