Debugging API for krb5

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at
Thu Feb 5 14:28:03 EST 2004

Actually, I did not leave out the mask in the krb5int_debug_message() 
My expectation is that the function will only be called if the appropriate
mask bits are set.  Probably we need a macro

  #define krb5int_debug(ctx,msgtype)  (ctx->debug_mask & msgtype)

which would be used in a construction:

  if (krb5int_debug(ctx,msgtype))
       krb5int_debug_message(ctx, ...);

I don't want to make additional function calls if we do not have to.

- Jeff


Sam Hartman wrote:

>It seems like you want the debug_message function to take a mask or
>level at which the message you are debugging is appropriate.  Your
>current proposal does not do this.
>Also, I'm not clear that 32-bits is sufficient.
>I propose that we not worry about the API for setting the debugging
>mask at this time, but just worry about the API for generating
>debugging messages.
>I do understand that KFW will need some internal API for turning on
>debugging, but that can remain internal and be revised in the future.

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