Diff between KDC Backup Server and Secondary KDC server

Surendra Babu Ande surendra_ande at yahoo.co.in
Tue Dec 28 03:53:56 EST 2004

Could you please clarify me the following difference:
What is the difference between
- Primary Kerberos Server
- Backup Kerberos Server
- Secondary/Slave/Alternate KDC Server
While working on Kerberos configuration issues. I have come accross following terms. Could you please let me know thoughts on the above terms?
Is this statement true?

A secondary KDC provides a backup if the primary KDC becomes unavailable for any reason. Clients can be configured so that if no reply is obtained from the primary KDC, a secondary KDC is consulted. 

Then what about Backup KDC server? What is the significance of that Backup Server? 

Please let me know your opinion. Thanks.

Happy new year,



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