How is an application supposed to know if a Kerberos library isthread safe?

Ken Raeburn raeburn at MIT.EDU
Mon Dec 20 14:35:43 EST 2004

Does a "true" indication (I assume non-zero means true) mean "this 
library is using mutexes where needed", or does it mean "this library 
has thread-safety support, which on some systems means it'll use 
mutexes only if your application has pulled in the system thread 
support"?  I.e., for the 1.4 libraries built with thread support and 
linked into a non-threaded application, should these functions return 
true or false?  (Not that it would matter much for a non-threaded 
application, but it would clarify the specification a little; the 
latter is easier to implement, too.)

 From the "boolean" return value I assume it's just true/false, not some 
sort of versioning, i.e., in case we change things in the future and 
make more objects incorporate mutexes that we assume for now just won't 
be shared, we'll have no way to indicate it....


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