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Fri Dec 3 10:19:28 EST 2004

If you do decide you need that call I might be able to help out, as I
have written it successfully (no crashes! :-) ).  It was a challenge
though, because no documentation exists on the routine.  I basically
went in, read the header comment and stepped through the code line by

If so, you can also e-mail me out of band (no mailing list) if you want
to keep the traffic down on the list.


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>>>>> "Jason" == Jason Gerfen <jason.gerfen at> writes:

    Jason> Could someone point me to some documentation on this
    Jason> function so I can ensure I am calling it correcly?

Are you still writing a PAM module?  IF so, you do not need or want
this function.

I suggest that you get in a habit of explaining what you're trying to
accomplish as well as how you are trying to accomplish.  You are
mostly doing the second, but without understanding why you are calling
the functions you choose to call it is hard to help you.

You need a remote hostname or service principal to usefully call


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