Proposal: Support for 32 bit version numbers in keytabs

Ezra Peisach epeisach at MIT.EDU
Thu Dec 2 13:15:44 EST 2004

>How does this work with SEAM on Solaris or HP's Kerberos or any other

The short answer is - I do not know.

If HP's kerberos is really based on MIT 1.2.2 release (according to one
web site) - then they do not have the vno > 240 hacks - but the file
reading code should be the same.

SEAM: Nico can speak better to this...

Other vendors - I do not know...  Regretfully, as far as I know - there is
no published standard for the keytab file. Please correct me if I am

Does anyone know of the interoperability of keytabs? Remember - we will
still be able to read - or import the older format (say from Windows)...

I suppose we can setup a flag in krb5.conf to not produce this
extended keytab file for those that need it...


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