Kerberos documentation - feedback requested

Morrison, Wayne wayne.morrison at
Thu Aug 12 17:06:22 EDT 2004

I'm posting this to the Kerberos developer's mailing list, since it's developer feedback that's being requested.  When it's ready to ship, I'll post an announcement to the regular mailing list.

OpenVMS has just gone to field test with a new version of the operating system, which includes Kerberos.  We've included an updated Kerberos book in the documentation set, and we'd appreciate any feedback the Kerberos developer community may have on it.  The book includes:

  o Introduction to Kerberos
  o Installation and Configuration (VMS-specific)
  o Kerberos Client Programs
  o Kerberos Programming Concepts (VMS-specific)
  o KRB5 API

Much of the material comes from the MIT documentation, and includes the appropriate MIT copyright & legal notices.  We've also attempted to document some of the undocumented KRB5 APIs.  This is an area where we'd especially like feedback, since reading the code isn't always the best way to document how something is supposed to work. :-)

The Kerberos book is online at the following web site:


Look for "HP Open Source Security for OpenVMS, Volume 3: Kerberos".  It's available in both HTML and PDF formats.

We realize that we're well behind the curve with our Kerberos version.  A port of 1.3.4 is currently underway.

	Wayne Morrison
	Project Leader,
	Kerberos for OpenVMS

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