Concurrent access to replay cache

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>>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Kouril <kouril at> writes:
>     Daniel> Would it be possible to add a configuration option to
>     Daniel> krb5.conf specifying whether or not to use the replay
>     Daniel> cache checking? I have also problems with Microsoft IE
>     Daniel> browser using the Negotiate authentication method (which
>     Daniel> sends gss-api tokens in the HTTP headers) because of
>     Daniel> incompatibilities in processing information for replay
>     Daniel> detection. So some reasonable way of disabling the replay
>     Daniel> cache use would be worthful.
> We do not plan to make another release of Kerberos 1.3 at this time.
> This is not a reasonable option for krb5.conf even if we were planning
> to make another release because it is application specific, not
> global.  Your application should not require me to modify my
> krb5.conf.

Shouldn't this be an option for the kdc, not the client anyway?  It's 
already a build-time option IIRC.

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