question regarding use of krb5_context and krb5_auth_context

Ken Raeburn raeburn at MIT.EDU
Wed Sep 10 02:20:53 EDT 2003

Sam Hartman <hartmans at MIT.EDU> writes:

>>>>>> "JC" == JC Ferguson <jc at> writes:
>     JC> Thanks for the quick reply.  One last question.  If I were to
>     JC> use multiple krb5_context's in a multi-threaded application
>     JC> and wrap a lock/mutex around all the krb5_* calls, should I
>     JC> expect things to work fine?  I.e., never call the krb5 api
>     JC> from more than one thread at the same time.
> That should work fine.

Note that the krb5 library may call support routines in the C library
or other libraries (gmtime, gethostby*, getpw*, etc.) which may not be
thread-safe.  Getting us thread safety for real requires a pass
through the library to make sure all such cases are fixed.

I suspect there may also be some issues with file locking in multiple
threads, but I haven't investigated that.


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