question regarding use of krb5_context and krb5_auth_context

JC Ferguson jc at
Thu Sep 4 13:46:31 EDT 2003


I have an application that deals with authenticating principals from
multiple realms.  What I have done is set up one krb5_context and one
krb5_auth_context PER realm within the same process/program.

So, when someone from realm FOO.COM authenticates, I use the
krb5_context/krb5_auth_context I have setup for FOO.COM.  

When someone from realm BAR.COM authentives, I use the
krb5_context/krb5_auth_context I have setup for BAR.COM.

Both of these live in the _same_ process, which has only 1 thread, i.e.,
this is not multi-threaded (I am aware of the multi-threading issues
with krb5).

Does the MIT KRB5 API work in this manner or must I strictly have _one_
krb5_context / krb5_auth_context PER process ?

		thank you ,   jc

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