krb524 and port 4444 blocks

James Reynolds james at
Wed Oct 15 13:58:29 EDT 2003

I was wondering if the delay associated with krb5 and a blocked 4444 
port have been addressed.  The delay is talked about in this email:

Specifically, we are using kerberos 5 to authenticate our Mac OS X 
computers and we don't reuse tickets and we don't use kerberos 4.  We 
are seeing the ~21 second delay.  We would like this to go away.

Do you have any recommendations?  Should we poke a hole for port 
4444?  Should we downgrade to kerberos 4?  Is it possible to get 
krb524 to not do anything?  Is there some other work around?



James Reynolds
University of Utah
Student Computing Labs
james at

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