i need your help urgent

dahi65@menanet.net dahi65 at menanet.net
Sun Oct 5 04:47:49 EDT 2003

Hi \ there 
Urgent ???   Urgent 
???   Urgent ???

pls i am in need to 
know how to login in 
to mc os x server 
ver 10.2 from 
 mac workstation has 
OS 10.2 (Jaguar)  
using kerberos 
protocol , pls i need  
 your help setting the 
server and the 
worksations in steps 
if u can , and if you 
need any data from 
me pls let me know .  

Dahi Ahmed
apple pie (apple 
authorized dealer in  
Egypt since 1992)
support manger
Cairo , Egypt




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