OS X 10.2: how to create a new ccache from command line?

Matt Crawford crawdad at fnal.gov
Wed Oct 1 09:42:59 EDT 2003

On Tuesday, Sep 30, 2003, at 13:52 America/Chicago, Alexandra Ellwood 
>> I've found how to switch among multiple ccaches (kswitch) but I can't 
>> find a way to create a second ccache.  Is there an existing 
>> command-line way to do it?
> Kerberos.app (in /System/Library/CoreServices) and the Mac OS X kinit 
> will automatically create a new ccache for each principal you get 
> tickets for.

(*bonk*)  Perfect.

>> Moreover, can I get command-line apps such as ssh to use one cache in 
>> one Terminal window and another in another?
> New krb5_contexts will pick up the current "system default" ccache 
> (the underlined one in Kerberos.app) and cache it for the lifetime of 
> the context.

Got it.  That seems to work.  Thanks.

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