How to include Header File <kadm5/admin.h> for KADM5 API

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Fri Nov 14 22:49:17 EST 2003

>>>>> "Gerd" == Gerd Pokorra <gz016 at> writes:

    Gerd>      Hello, I want to use the KDAM5 API. I want to use the
    Gerd> Header File "kadm5/admin.h" how it is written in the
    Gerd> documention "KADM5 API Funktional Specification".  But if I
    Gerd> include if in my source that way

There is not really a good way of doing this.  The kadm5 API is sort
of an internal API because it ends up pulling in k5-int.h.  This is

You'll need some of the header files from a krb5 build tree and the
resulting executable may be fairly tied to the version of Kerberos you
build on.


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