does krb5_cc_get_name return a credentials cache name on a Macintosh?

Miro Jurisic meeroh at
Fri Nov 7 02:42:47 EST 2003

>My calls to krb5_cc_get_name returns a filename of '0' and the 
>length of the filename is 1 character.

That's not a file name. It's the credentials cache name (and it is 
correct). You should not be relying on a file being used as a backing 
store for the credentials cache (because it's not on Mac OS 9 or Mac 
OS X).

>   I can see my valid credentials looking in the Kerberos Manager, so 
>it's not that I don't have tickets.  On a UN*X machine, I know the 
>ticket cache is hiding in the /tmp directory, but where's the cache 
>hiding on a Macintosh?  Or should we be doing something entirely 
>different to determine whether or not our tokens are valid?

I don't know how you store your tokens, so I don't know how to check 
whether your tokens are valid.


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