how to achieve what kinit does programmatically? Kent_Wu at
Thu May 29 17:36:46 EDT 2003

	I can use "kinit" to get a TGT from a win2000 KDC in my Solaris machine and I also assume there must be Kerberos API's to achieve the same thing programmatically in C. However I couldn't find too much info on this. Could anyone kindly tell me the correct way to do it? 
	Another odd thing is in my /usr/lib/krb5 or /usr/lib/gss/gl folder I can find some kerberos libraries which contains some API symbols like krb5_init_context however I couldn't find any man page or header files for this function. Do I miss something here or I need to download MIT or other Kerberos library to do this? 

Thank you very much.


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