getaddrinfo canonicalization (Re: host name resolution ...)

Donn Cave donn at
Mon Mar 17 17:13:37 EST 2003

Quoth Ken Raeburn <raeburn at MIT.EDU>:
| I'm attempting to fix the different meanings, until the vendors get
| their acts together.  We should be able to use one interface for this
| information, and when it works, getaddrinfo should be that interface.
| If you can document a specific case where the modified getaddrinfo
| (i.e., calling getaddrinfo() after including fake-addrinfo.h) is
| giving incorrect data, let me know.  (And I would assert that the
| correct behavior for getaddrinfo's ai_canonname result is to return
| the target of a CNAME record, and not to look up A then PTR records.)

That does fix (or break, depending on point of view) the GNU C library
version, but doesn't fix the AIX problem - I still get a zero-length
string in ai_canonname (nor would I expect that to be affected from
what I see in fake-addrinfo.h.)

I see RFC 2553 doesn't get into what "canonical" means, must have
seemed obvious to them (as I would have thought it was, until today.)
It will be interesting to see where the vendors go with it.

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