Examining structures exposed in the API

Tom Yu tlyu at MIT.EDU
Wed Mar 12 11:01:45 EST 2003

>>>>> "joda" == Johan Danielsson <joda at pdc.kth.se> writes:

joda> Not really. C99 (if that's what you're thinking of) says that
joda> implementations *may* include more E* macros, but it does not say that
joda> all E* are reserved (like for instance the STDC* pragmas).

C99 7.1.3 says that identifiers listed under "future library
directions" are reserved as well, although in the case of macros,
they're only reserved if their associated header file is included.  Of
course, it's quite likely that someone will want to include errno.h in
a krb5 application.

joda> In practice it's not a problem.

For the ENCTYPE_* macros, it's unlikely to be a problem, true.  I'd
still like to eventually move towards not stomping on implementation
namespace at all.


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