Kfm newbie questions

Pete Holler pholler1 at rochester.rr.com
Wed Mar 5 15:28:04 EST 2003

I'm attempting to modify NewsWatcher (v2.2.2 for Mac OS 8/9) to
perform authentication using the GSS API of KfM v4.0.3. The goal
is to get NewsWatcher to play nice with other Kfm-savvy apps,
like Eudora and Fetch.

The actual starting point for this project is a previous version
of NewsWatcher that used the old, v1.x KClient interface. I've
downloaded and perused the KfM 4.0.3 SDK, but it is somewhat
lacking in example code/snippets or overview on how the OS 8/9
Control Panel ties in with the library and applications that
need to perform authentication.

Apologizing for my ignorance in advance, all I can do is blurt
out a bunch of random questions and hope that you are able to
shed some light on one or more of them. To wit:

1) Is there a programmatic interface to the Control panel?
   - KClient was the conduit used for authentication. Does the
     Control panel have similar functions?

2) Is there any Mac sample code available?
   - I'm looking for simple authentication examples. I've found
     some client/server sample code (on the Sun web site). A
     simple CodeWarrior project that had the requisite libraries
     and minimal functionality would go a long way in getting

3) Does an API description for the Mac implementation exist?
   - I've waded thru some of the RFS/memoranda (which are
     implementation-independent discussions) and the Kfm header
     files (which provide details, but no context).
     Is there anything like Inside Mac or the Unix man pages
     that ties these things together for program developers?

Again, sorry for the rather open-ended questions. I'm way at the
bottom of the learning curve and it's looking mighty steep
for someone lacking any network/security experience.  ;)


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