to what degree is krb5 thread-safe?

Joey Collins joeycollins at
Mon Mar 3 23:08:11 EST 2003

Good evening, 

I am using the MIT KRB5 API in a multi-threaded application to manage
potentially many kerberos sessions/users.  To what degree is the library
thread safe?  krb5_context is passed around everywhere, I assume I have
one of these per process, and for each "session", have an auth_context. 
Do I need to wrap all krb5 calls (or even 80%) with a lock to ensure
nothing goes amiss when two threads are trying to call krb5 on a
dual-processor machine (or single, as the case may be).  I'm using the
krb5 that comes with debian (stable version, which is 1.2.4 + patches),
would going to 1.2.7 be helpful for thread-safe purposes?

Thank you for any help.


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