kdb2_dbopen missing symbol . . . sorta

Darren Reed (OSE) darrenr at optimation.com.au
Fri Jun 20 00:30:34 EDT 2003


> >     >> kdb2_dbopen() should be defined in the lidbdb compiled by krb5.
> >     >> Perhaps you're not looking there.
> >
> >     Daniel> Interesting.  This doesn't get installed though?
> >
> > Correct.  All the applications that need it statically link against
> > it.
> Does that mean no user is expected to actually use libkadm5clnt and
> libkdb5?

My solution to this was to also include the (static) library file that
had the missing functions in it with the others that got installed.

But as they've said, it'll be fixed up in a different way for 1.3 (yay!)


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