memory leak in some Kerberos APIs? Kent_Wu at
Thu Jun 12 20:52:09 EDT 2003


	I just gave it a shot and Bingo, you guys did fix the memory leak in those preauth code. However it introduced some other new leaks in GSS-API side as well. The last one from get_profile_etype_list() is actually the same as last time, it didn't get fixed. The first two are new leaks. Here is the detailed report:

Actual leaks report    (actual leaks:         3  total size:      48 bytes)
 Total  Num of  Leaked      Allocation call stack
 Size   Blocks  Block
======  ====== ==========  =======================================
    24       1    0x2e878   make_gss_checksum<-make_ap_req_v1<-
    16       1    0x2c5e0   get_addr<-getaddrinfo<-krb5_sname_to_principal<-
     8       1    0x2d170   get_profile_etype_list<-krb5_get_tgs_ktypes<-

Let me know if you guys fix it and put on a new Beta candidate.



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Hi, Tom:

	I'll give it a try and let us know when it got released.



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>>>>> "Kent_Wu" ==   <Kent_Wu at> writes:

Kent_Wu>  Actual leaks report    (actual leaks:         4  total size:      57 bytes)
Kent_Wu>  Total  Num of  Leaked      Allocation call stack
Kent_Wu>  Size   Blocks  Block
Kent_Wu>                 Address
Kent_Wu> ======  ====== ==========  =======================================
Kent_Wu>     25       1    0x2bbd8   asn1buf_remove_octetstring<-
Kent_Wu> asn1_decode_octetstring<-asn1_decode_etype_info_entry<-asn1_decode_etype_info
Kent_Wu> <-decode_krb5_etype_info<-krb5_do_preauth<-krb5_get_init_creds<-
Kent_Wu> krb5_get_init_creds_password

Kent_Wu>     16       1    0x2ab88   calloc<-asn1_decode_etype_info<-
Kent_Wu> decode_krb5_etype_info<-krb5_do_preauth<-krb5_get_init_creds<-
Kent_Wu> krb5_get_init_creds_password<-main

Kent_Wu>      8       1    0x2b2b8   get_profile_etype_list<-krb5_get_tgs_ktypes<-
Kent_Wu> krb5_gss_init_sec_context<-gss_init_sec_context<-main

Kent_Wu>      8       1    0x36248   asn1_decode_etype_info<-decode_krb5_etype_info<-
Kent_Wu> krb5_do_preauth<-krb5_get_init_creds<-krb5_get_init_creds_password<-main

Have you tried compiling with one of the beta releases of krb5-1.3?  I
seem to recall that we have fixed some preauth-related memorly leaks.


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