krb524.dll - calling conventions on Windows

Ken Raeburn raeburn at MIT.EDU
Wed Jun 11 17:32:03 EDT 2003

(Please *don't* cc "kerberos-bounces" on messages to the kerberos and
krbdev mailing lists.  There's a reason it's the sender and *not* in
the "from" or recipient fields.  All that's there is a program trying
to parse incoming messages to decide who needs deleting from the
mailing list.  If your mail program's "reply" operation includes both
the "from" and "sender" fields, it's broken.)

"Frank Balluffi" <frank.balluffi at> writes:
> Jeffrey,
> The pascal calling convention is now obsolete (see
> The current choices are listed at

I think Jeff mis-spoke; it's __cdecl versus __stdcall that we care
about.  I think, by "Pascal", he meant the callee-cleanup convention;
I don't know whether or how __pascal is different from __stdcall...


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