Who depends on the ABI of the krb5 source tree's krb4 library on Windows

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Tue Jun 10 14:40:29 EDT 2003

Hi.  This was a question we had hoped to put off for a bit but it
seems like asking now may be a good idea.

There are two kerberos version 4 libraries provided by MIT for the
Windows platform.  The more common library is the one included in the
KFW release.  However the krb5 source tree also builds its own krb4
library on Windows.

These two libraries have a different definition for the krb4
credentials structure, so building with the wrong set of headers can
create problems.

If you are using the krb4 library in the krb5 source tree on Windows,
we would be interested in hearing for you.  Are you using it for
deployed applications?  How inconvenient would it be for you if the
ABI changed?


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