How to test if TGT has expired by using Kerberos API's? Kent_Wu at
Fri Jun 6 20:58:12 EDT 2003


	I've written a program to get TGT then do the Kerberos authentication by using GSS-API afterwards but I also want to do it in a smarter way. What I tried to achieve is I want to check if it expires or not, if so then I issue a real TGT request otherwise I can save a trip. Or if there is an API which already checks this internally that would be even greater. By searching some materials I found some possible API's but I don't really know due to the limited documentation. Can somebody enlighten me a little bit on this?

	Another way I can think of is always doing gss_init_sec_context() first and if it returns "ticket expired" then I can issue a TGT request, just that the first approach sounds more logic to me and I also want to explore Kerberos API a bit more.

Thx and have a nice weekend.


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