which PAM module for Solaris 8?

Tim Mooney mooney at dogbert.cc.ndsu.NoDak.edu
Thu Jul 31 11:03:58 EDT 2003


I've been on the list a couple years and have seen (and saved) messages
regarding krb5 PAM modules on Linux and a few regarding Solaris, but I've
never seen discussion or recommendations on which PAM module is
recommended or "best", especially on Solaris.

I do understand the implications of using a krb5 PAM module to
authenticate services like telnet.

I need a source-available module (so the stuff that's part of SEAM isn't
going to do it for me, I don't think), because I need to hack in some
calls to ldap, to check for authorization.

We're currently using Frank Cusack's 1.0 krb5 PAM module on a Solaris 2.6
system, but since I'm going to be reinstalling the system in a couple
weeks anyway, I thought I would see if there's a clear favorite krb5
PAM modules out there.


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