GSSAPI context time limitation

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Thu Jul 24 12:26:00 EDT 2003

>>>>> "Wachdorf," == Wachdorf, Daniel R <drwachd at> writes:

    Wachdorf,>    The problem arises that these services may be up for
    Wachdorf,> an extended period of time, yet the gssapi context will
    Wachdorf,> expire.  Is there a way to establish a gssapi context,
    Wachdorf,> and use wrap and unwrap despite the fact that the
    Wachdorf,> context, or even the TGT used to establish the context
    Wachdorf,> may be expired?

Not in the MIT implementation at the current time.  The preferred way
of handling this is to have an application protocol taht supports new
context establishment.

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