Kerberos questions

Henry B. Hotz hotz at
Wed Jul 16 14:00:15 EDT 2003

>  >Q. It sounds like the Apple Password Server is more secure than
>>Kerberos, because the password is not passed over the network.  So
>>Kerberos is not the best choice?  Please elaborate.
>>A. That is not correct.  Kerberos does not send the clear text
>>password over the network either.  In fact, Apple is embracing
>>Keberos in Mac OS X 10.3 by integrating it even more in the client
>>and server OS.
>Looks good.

Actually the statement could be even stronger:  Kerberos never sends 
the password in *encrypted* form over the network *either*.  The only 
time that happens is when you change it.
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