Out-of-order Dll Teardown

Ben Creech bpcreech at eos.ncsu.edu
Wed Jan 29 23:26:40 EST 2003

Thanks, I hadn't noticed that part of the docs.  Now, I wonder if
FreeLibrary will also ignore the dependencies.  If so, I'm not sure how
I'll ever be able to tell for sure whether krb5_32.dll is still alive
before trying to free things.  I'll try a few things (such as
GetModuleHandle) tomorrow.

On the other hand, exporting a cleanup function is looking less ugly now
that I think about it.

On Wed, 2003-01-29 at 22:45, Danilo Almeida wrote:
> Ben,
> Your logic is correct.  Option [1] is appropriate if and only if you know
> the process is being torn down.
> From MSDN docs for DllMain:
> ---
> lpvReserved
> If fdwReason is DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH, lpvReserved is NULL for dynamic loads
> and non-NULL for static loads.
> If fdwReason is DLL_PROCESS_DETACH, lpvReserved is NULL if DllMain has been
> called by using FreeLibrary and non-NULL if DllMain has been called during
> process termination.
> ---
> Therefore, if reason is DLL_PROCESS_DETACH and reserved is non-NULL, B.dll
> can punt freeing up the context, etc.  If you have any persistent state that
> needs to be cleaned up (i.e., you need to destroy tickets*), then you still
> need to have some kind of cleanup routine in B.dll that gets called before
> the app exists.
> - Danilo
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> This question isn't exactly Kerberos-specific, but it is still pertinent
> to this list.  In summary, I'm getting odd behavior from Windows on
> teardown of KfW's krb5_32.dll.
> As noted in athena\auth\krbcc\src\dll\cacheapi.cxx, Windows doesn't
> follow the Dll dependency tree when tearing down Dlls with calls to
> DllMain with DLL_PROCESS_DETACH.  For example, if A.exe loads B.dll
> which in turn loads C.dll, Windows apparently sometimes tears down C.dll
> before B.dll (A->C->B instead of A->B->C).
> I say "apparently" because I have observed this in my own program. 
> A.exe loads B.dll which delay-loads krb5_32.dll.  B.dll calls
> krb5_init_context.  Things Happen.  A.exe exits.  Windows tears down
> krb5_32.dll, which shuts down the ccache connection and frees its heap
> (via the run-time library).  At this point, B.dll's DllMain is finally
> called.  As part of the cleanup routine, B.dll calls krb5_free_context. 
> Whoops, that's no longer a valid pointer!  Program crashes.
> Of course, I can simply comment out my krb5_free_context since the
> process is exiting anyway [1].  Alternately, I can make A.exe call a
> cleanup function before it exits [2].
> Incidentally, I didn't get this behavior until I started using debug
> dlls from 2.2-beta-2; the downloadable 2.1 release build didn't do it. 
> After poking through the code, I'm fairly satisfied that 2.2 added
> nothing that would cause my problem, so it's probably the fact that I'm
> using debug binaries now.
> Can anyone tell me if my logic is correct?  I'm worried that I'm either
> doing something wrong on my side, or there is a subtle bug in 2.2 beta 2
> (is anyone testing it with delay-loading)?
> Thanks,
> Ben Creech
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