kadmin unit tests

Kevin Coffman kwc at citi.umich.edu
Wed Jan 22 13:00:03 EST 2003

After modifying the kadm unit tests to use the kpasswd from the 
clients/kpasswd directory rather the kadmin/kpasswd directory, I've got 
all the kpasswd tests working except the test that checks whether a 
password change is "too soon".

It looks like the check for pw_min_life was moved from 
kadm5_chpass_principal_3 to chpass_principal_wrapper_3.  The 
clients/kpasswd/kpasswd uses the simple chpw (schpw) path in kadmind.  
It looks like the processing path in kadmind is:


So the check is never done for the clients/kpasswd version of kpasswd.  
Is this how it is supposed to work, and I should just comment out the 
test for this in the unit tests, or is it a bug that this is never 
checked in this case?

Another issue is that kadmind must be run as root to bind port 464.  
Therefore, the unit-tests must be run as root.  I don't see an easy way 
to encourage the client to try a different port.  Is this going to be a 


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