Service ticket KfM 4.5.1 on OSX 10.2.3 jsiegle at
Tue Jan 21 11:29:01 EST 2003

On Tue, 21 Jan 2003, Alexandra
Ellwood wrote:

> >I want to request a kerberos 5 service ticket from my kdc. When I type
> >/usr/bin/kinit -S pop/ jsiegle and authenticate, I get a
> >service ticket. However when I open
> >/System/Library/CoreServices/ it tells me that the ticket I
> >have is not valid. This happens when my only ticket is the service
> >ticket. If I have both a tgt and the pop/ ticket, it works
> >fine. Should it be giving me an error when I only have the
> >pop/ ticket in my cache?
> Try ignoring the warning from and launch your v5  mail 
> reader.  Does the pop/ service ticket you acquired with 
> '/usr/bin/kinit -S' let you get mail?

If I use fetchmail, it works fine. The problem is when I use I
am working a problem with Apple because doesn't want to use my
pop/ ticket. I noticed the ticket error it gives me when I 
ran /System/Library/CoreServices/ and thought that maybe that
is why refuses to use my service ticket and insists on me
getting new credentials. 

If there is any debugging I can help you with, just let me know.


> It is possible that the error is cosmetic, and KfM is incorrectly 
> deciding the ticket isn't valid just because it doesn't have a TGT.
> Make sure to destroy all your tickets before trying this, and let us 
> know what happens.  The behavior is obviously a bug of some sort, but 
> this would help us track down where the bug is.

I did a kdestroy before my latest test.

> Hope this helps,
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