unable to log into aggaard

MIT Macintosh Development Team macdev at MIT.EDU
Tue Jan 21 10:14:01 EST 2003

At 11:13 PM -0800 1/19/03, Thomas Koney, or Pam DeKeyser, wrote:
>I am unable to log onto aggaard from home.  I am getting a message that
>reads: "Kerberos login failed.  Clock skew too great", after I enter my
>login password.  I was hoping to do a little work via e-mail from home
>tomorrow morning (8-10:00am), could you please advise me on what to do to
>get it back up and functioning?  Thanks!
>Pam DeKeyser
>Harborview Medical Center
>Email address:  pdekeyse at u.washington.edu

Check your Date & Time control panel or system preference panel to 
make sure both your time and time zone are correct - try using a 
network time server to set your time.

Otherwise, please contact your local computing support at the 
University of Washington for further assistance.

Scott McGuire / smcguire at mit.edu
MIT Information Systems Macintosh Developer

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