Updates (multi-realm) to Leash32...

Miro Jurisic meeroh at MIT.EDU
Fri Jan 10 15:11:01 EST 2003

>Do you mean maintaining multiple credential caches simultaneously 
>such that multiple TGTs and related service tickets can be retrieved?
>If so, how do you expect your Kerberos applications to be able to 
>decide which credential cache instance should be used?

I would assume that they would want the same behavior as they get on 
Mac OS. One of the credential sets is considered "default", just as 
on UNIX you have one ticket file that all apps look at unless you 
tell them otherwise. Of course, once you use a set of credentials 
with an application, you can change the default, and the application 
continues to use the same credentials. (Up to a point, obviously you 
don't wnat it to be stuck forever.)


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