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Never before has there been an easier way for a computer user to transport their computer files.  The USB Drive makes carrying your computer files around easier than ever.  With tens of thousands of happy customers behind us, you can trust that our product is easy to use and helps safeguard your data.

Simply plug the device into any PC and instantly have access to your data.  The data transfer rate is an amazing 1MB per second!  The device is roughly the size of a car key and allows you to transport your files both securely and easily. The USBDrive can quickly synchronize vital personal files between computers at work, home, or school without hassle.  There is no software to install and no settings to make!  Simply Plug and Play.  

With the USB Drive you can carry up to 2 GB of data from PC to PC.  Simply put, the USB Drive is a durable water proof floppy disk.  You can now copy up to 2GB of files (data) from your PC's hard drive to the USB Drive and take it to any other PC without hassle.  You can copy any file to your USB Drive; Office Documents, Faxes, Emails, pictures, databases, word processing files etc. Clip the USB Drive to your key-ring and have access to your data wherever you go.

For Windows Users, Simply Plug the USB Drive into your computer and a new drive letter automatically appears under your My Computer Icon.  Once the drive letter appears (less than three seconds), you can copy the files from your PC to the USB Drive in exactly the same manner as you would a floppy disk, Zip disk, or Digital Camera file.  

The USB Drives comes with a one year manufacture warranty and a money back guarantee!  Included with your USB drive is an easy 1 - 2 - 3 step-by-step instruction manual.  We guarantee that you can use this drive with less than 5 minutes of training, regardless of your computer knowledge.  

Using a USB Drive is exactly the same as using a floppy disk.  The only difference between a Floppy disk and The USB Drive is that the USB drive is inserted into the USB port of the PC, and the Floppy disk is inserted into the Floppy disk Drive.  Windows reacts to both the USB drive and the Floppy Disk drive exactly the same.

Why is the USB Drive better than a floppy disk?  Floppy disks are extremely fragile, hold a very small amount of data, and the floppy disk is not designed for long-term data storage.  The USB Drive is 1/5 the size of a floppy disk weighing only 1 ounce.  The USB Drives are extremely durable and even water proof.  The USB Drive can hold up to 2 GB (two-thousand times the amount of data of the floppy disk) and the drive is designed for storage up to 15 years.

The USB Drives are compatible with Win98, ME, 2K, XP, Mac OS 9.2 & above, Linux 2.4.24 & 

Please visit us at or by calling us at 562-856-0256

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