Large file support

Ken Hornstein kenh at
Tue Feb 11 12:35:14 EST 2003

>Is there currently any configuration with kerberos to enable large file
>support?  I noticed in OpenSSH that there is a AC_SYS_LARGEFILE in the
>configure script that will test for large file support when configuring
>and enable if it possible.  Is this something that is planning on being
>added (or has been for 1.3)?  The reason is I have a number of systems 
>that need it (for ftp) and it appears that the current version does not
>enable it.

If you want to restart file transfers across the 2GB boundary with ftp,
just doing AC_SYS_LARGEFILE isn't quite enough (just FYI).  I have some
changes to fill in the gaps and make restarts on large files work, but
I know I'm too busy right to talk to the folks at MIT about getting
them into 1.3.


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