patch kvno.M

Raymond M Schneider ray at
Sat Feb 8 23:59:38 EST 2003

The kvno man page in 1.2.7 has the SYNOPSIS a bit goofed. Here is a patch:

# diff -u kvno.M kvno.M.orig
--- kvno.M      Sat Feb  8 23:16:42 2003
+++ kvno.M.orig Sat Feb  8 23:16:08 2003
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@
 kvno \- print key version numbers of Kerberos principals
-\fBkvno\fP [\fB\-e etype\fP] \fBservice1\fP \fBservice2\fP \fB...\fP
+\fBklist\fP [\fB\-e etype\fP] \fBservice1\fP \fBservice2\fP \fB...\fP
 .I Kvno

Thanks for all the hard work everyone. 

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