Updates (multi-realm) to Leash32...

Kevin Coffman kwc at citi.umich.edu
Mon Feb 3 14:47:46 EST 2003

> > >Hi,
> > >
> > >We've found Leash32 to be an invaluable tool here at the School
> > >of Information at the University of Michigan. The one thing that
> > >would just improve on that value would be if Leash32 did multi-realm
> > >authentication.
> > >
> > >Here at the University of Michigan we have a number of AFS cells
> > >and with that comes a number of Kerberos Realms, some running K4,
> > >some running K5 and a mix of both. Many or our users at the School
> > >of Information have accounts within the SI.UMICH.EDU realm as well as
> > >the UMICH.EDU realm and would like to be able to access both at will.
> > >
> > >Would you be able to tell me if you have any plans on adding
> > >multi-realm authentication to this tool, and if so, what your timeline
> > >might be?
> > >
> > >-John

> >Do you mean maintaining multiple credential caches simultaneously 
> >such that multiple TGTs and related service tickets can be retrieved?
> >
> >If so, how do you expect your Kerberos applications to be able to 
> >decide which credential cache instance should be used?
> I would assume that they would want the same behavior as they get on 
> Mac OS. One of the credential sets is considered "default", just as 
> on UNIX you have one ticket file that all apps look at unless you 
> tell them otherwise. Of course, once you use a set of credentials 
> with an application, you can change the default, and the application 
> continues to use the same credentials. (Up to a point, obviously you 
> don't wnat it to be stuck forever.)
> meeroh

Following up on this conversation.  Yes, what we'd like is an
interface like that available on the Mac.  It is similar to the
interface available on our home-grown K4-only Kerb95 client.  Is
there any plan to update the Windows interface to match the Mac's?

I understand there may be resource issues.  What if Michigan were to
offer up the resources to update the Windows interface?  Could we
expect that the changes would be integrated into the KfW distribution?


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