build errors during batch build of kfw-2.5

Richard Jagodzinski richard.jagodzinski at
Thu Aug 28 13:57:32 EDT 2003

Hi, All
	When building kfw-2.5 from cmd.exe under Windows 2000 I get the
following error:

	.\cnsres5.rc(48) : error RC2176 : old DIB in clocktkt.ico; pass it
through SDKPAINT

I've seen this error come up on a search through Google groups wrt Tcl/tk
under Windows. Even after cleaning the build environment of any references
to Tcl/tk binaries and includes this still comes up. I have the February
2003 platform sdk installed; sed, awk and rm are all in PATH, the perl
portions of the build are working fine, and the SDK include comes before the
MS VC++ 6.0 include. The relevant parts of the batch file look like this:

call "D:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Vc98\bin\vcvars32.bat"
call "E:\Program Files\Microsoft SDK\setenv.bat" /2000 /RETAIL

SET _WIN32_IE=0x0400

@REM ..\scripts\ clean NODEBUG=1
@REM ..\scripts\ --softdirs 

cd \cvsroot\projects\kerberos\kfw-2.5\src\athena\auth\krb5
..\..\..\scripts\ --softdirs NODEBUG=1

cd \cvsroot\projects\kerberos\kfw-2.5\src\athena\auth\krbcc
..\..\..\scripts\ --softdirs NODEBUG=1

I get the same error building debug or release. I also get the same error if
I run:

cd \cvsroot\projects\kerberos\kfw-2.5\src\athena\
..\scripts\ --softdirs NODEBUG=1

(I just need the targets from krbcc & krb5 directories)

Any ideas? Thanks!

Richard Jagodzinski
Research & Development
Non-Elephant Encryption Systems Inc.
(403) 232 6001

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