Stewart Loewy loewy at buffalo.edu
Mon Aug 25 09:57:13 EDT 2003


I work for the University at Buffalo.  I recently downloaded the
Kerberos source and am trying to use some of the functions exported by
leashw32.dll.  My goal is to use a few of these API's to do something's
in a third party application we will be implementing here at UB, such as
basic authentication.  The following calls (see below) seem to be
working correctly.  I can change my Kerberos password and kinit
successfully.  The problem is that the return values are always Zero
even if I pass bogus arguments into the functions.  I'd really like to
be able to check the return value to for the Leash_checkpwd() function
to do basic auth.  I'm a relative novice when it come to C programming
and am wondering if I'm just missing something obvious.

lsh_errno = Leash_checkpwd(principal, password);

lsh_errno = Leash_kinit(principal, password,100);

lsh_errno = Leash_changepwd(principal, password, newpassword,

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided

Stew Loewy
CIT- Technical Services
University at Buffalo
(716) 645-7748

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