Bug in rd_cred.c?

Joseph Galbraith galb at vandyke.com
Mon Aug 18 11:45:34 EDT 2003


Sorry about that; it slipped my mind that everyone
didn't know I'd just downloaded the latest :-)  Thanks
for opening the ticket for me.

This bug is being exercised only when we use a FreeBSD
4.8 client (which is using Hiemdal, I'm not sure
what version is installed) and the ticket is forwardable.
There is some sort of ASN.1 parse error occurring
("ASN.1 identifier doesn't match expected value")
Have you guys run into this before?

Any hints of how best to trouble the underlying problem?



Sam Hartman wrote:

> For future reference, please include the version of KFW or Kerberos
> you are using.  However this bug does still appear in our current
> sources so I'll open it in our bugs database.

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